Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wildflowers of Summer...Wildflowers in Pastels Workshop

'Pick Me a Bouquet' 18x24 pastel

Wildflowers in Pastel Workshop ... June 12 or 13
Just in time for Summer, I am offering a workshop on painting wildflowers with pastels.

About the Workshop
Pastels are the perfect medium to capture the delicate beauty and vibrant colors of wildflowers and the landscape around them. I will offer demonstrations, exercises and individual help at the easel during the four hour workshop. Our emphasis for this workshop is to learn ways of seeing color in wildflowers and their surroundings and how to choose the pastels to help paint these colors.
I will also share techniques for achieving the loose painterly quality to wildflowers and how to make them look like they belong in the landscape. We will learn ways to paint both a field or meadow and a more intimate view of wildflowers. There will then be plenty of time for you to apply these ideas and techniques to your own painting.
Whether you are experienced with pastels or would like to try this exciting medium, consider joining me for this workshop!

I am offering this 4 hour workshop twice in June and the fee is $45. Choose either Saturday June 12 or Sunday June 13. We will meet from 1-5pm in my Marietta, Ga studio.
Enrollment is limited so please email me at to reserve your spot.
I look forward to sharing my wildflower 'secrets' with you!


  1. That was wonderful sections flowery field, loved congratulations.

  2. This is, so beautiful. Your work has inspired me to take a pastels class and a plein air class. Recently I saw a Art Gallery, with the Color correctness. It was awesome.